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    9.5° , 10.5° , 12° , 14°

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    I Drive PGA Tour Black Graphite , I Drive PGA Tour Blue Graphite , I Drive PGA Tour White Graphite , I Drive PGA Tour Pink Graphite

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    Ladies , Seniors , Regular , Stiff , Extra Stiff

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What the Seller Says

BANNED BY THE USGA (SANCTIONED EVENTS), FOR IT's PURE BADNESS -- SO YOU CAN'T USE IT ON THE PGA TOUR, BUT YOU CAN USE IT TO GAIN AMAZING DISTANCE .... AND OUTDRIVE YOUR FOURSOME 550CC's OF PURE POWER -- HUGE SWEET SPOT ILLEGALLY LONG & STRAIGHT WITH SLICE-BUSTING DRAW DESIGN FOR UNBELIEVABLE ACCURACY **** Feedback ****AAAA++++ *** AWESOME*** INCREASE THE NUMBER OF FAIRWAYS YOU HIT WITH RIDICULOUS DISTANCE FROM THIS 550CC MONSTER NON-CONFORMING 550cc CANNON DESIGN + SUPER HOT FACE = LONGEST DRIVES EVER! +++++BIG YARDS YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE -- - THE BALL COMES OFF THE FACE ... SUPER HOT!! 9.5*, 10.5*, 12* or 14* DEGREE AVAILABLE BUILT WITH YOUR CHOICE OF LIMITED EDITION I DRIVE TOUR GRAPHITE SHAFT WARNING: This DRIVER IS A MONSTER! ONE TIME SPECIAL OFFER FROM PROSERIESGOLF! $299.99/RETAIL NON-CONFORMING 550cc MONSTER Driver "THE WORLD'S LONGEST" RIGHT/HAND 9.5*, 10.5*, 12* or 14* Degree loft AVAILABLE RE-ENGINEERED ROCKET FACE VERSION HIT YOUR LONGEST DRIVES!! WILL QUICKLY BECOME THE "MOST PREFERRED" CLUB IN YOUR BAG, AS YOU OUTDRIVE YOUR FOURSOME HIGHEST MOI -- FOR INCREDIBLE FORGIVENESS -- KEEP MISHITS IN PLAY! SUPER HOT FORGED SP 700 BETA TITANIUM FACE -- HIGHEST BALL SPEEDS -- HIGHEST TAMPOLINE EFFECT BANNED BY THE USGA .... BALL GOES WAY TOO FAR!! PRESS RELEASE: The Integra Smasher Driver will hit the most insanely long and monstrous drive in your life! The illegally long 550cc Smasher exceeds the maximum size allowed by the USGA, but you’ll have the last laugh outdriving your golfing partners! The massive sweet spot gives you extra confidence and forgiveness to attack it aggressively off the tee with brute strength. The Integra Smasher has a lower center of gravity which increases the launch angle to create those much sought after earth-shaking long drives. This thunderous beast is available in multiple lofts and flexes and engineered with red hot forged aerospace 7075-T72 alloy construction (Same as used in Ford trucks). BREAKIN' THE LAW - 550cc's OF TITANIC POWER WITH AN ILLEGAL COR. 550cc design (Standard Driver is 460cc's) allows the SMASHER to be more forgiving on off-center shots, with a larger sweet spot. And you will be able to generate more distance off of the tee as the COR effect of the ball coming off the explosive beta-titanium face exceeds the USGA maximum limits too. WITH I DRIVE TOUR GRAPHITE NANO SHAFT If you are looking for something different in the "shaft world" that really works, look no further than the New I Drive Tour Graphite Golf Shaft. All the talk about spine aligning, shaft uniformity, shaft pureing got you confused? Look at all the benefits from the Seamless Filament Wound I Drive Tour Shaft: Stability, control & torque resistency, more consistent recovery rate at moment of impact. The new I-Drive promotes better launch & spin rate for optimum ball speed and distance. Virtually no spine - on all 4 quadrants the shaft will cpm +/-2 in a 360 turn cycle Launch - Advantage of filament wound technology is the initial high launch & a flattening trajectory without the extra spin. This combination of hi-launch/lo-spin offers the best of both worlds.

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